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A Supportive Practice

It is cold and dark outside this morning as I sit down to write to you. Curled up in an over-sized cozy faux fur robe with hood, thick socks and warm slippers, I’ve got one hand on the pen and my other hand is affixed to my coffee cup. The cup is hot, and the scent of french roast Guatemalan coffee awakens my senses while the addition of cream and maple syrup arouses my taste buds. Placebo or not, that first sip of coffee fills me with the feeling that it is a new day and “I’ve got this!”

I love that first cup of coffee, it awakens me and brings me to the present, the here and the now, which is my life and even though that is 100% true, as a Healing Touch Practitioner it is part of my job to be grounded and centered when I am working with clients. In the early days of my client practice I had simple and supportive practices which were effective, and I also did quite a bit of energy therapy exchanges with colleagues which became a good self care practice and one that I still do to this day.

As I continued to grow and evolve as a practitioner I added practices to my repertoire and others naturally went by the wayside. The more I expanded my client practice and did additional training, I could tell which practices made me feel more grounded and centered than others before working with clients, and soon I could discern what practices worked best for me on certain days than others. What I hadn’t realized though was how supportive the practices that I did to prepare for clients to keep me clear and centered for work were also supportive for me as a person.

This past summer I’ve been helping someone dear to me with the challenges and changes that come with life. A large part of my life this year has been working to get this person into the best living situation for them, and fortunately this has been accomplished. However, it required a lot of travel on my part and a lot of learning as well about the healthcare system of this country, among numerous other learning opportunities. Throughout all of the difficulties I faced this summer I was still in a good place physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I even asked myself several times “But why?”

Now that I am able to look back and assess things, I’ve decided that it’s the daily practices that I have incorporated into my life for my client work that have also supported me during personal times of great upheaval and stress. My practices reservoir was full and as I kept doing my daily practices I was able to remain clear, grounded and centered. Self care practices support you on a daily basis but they also support you when “life happens.”

What are the practices that you do that are supportive of you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?

What are some practices that people do? Meditation, Yoga, Prayer, Rosary or Japa Mala, Chanting or Singing, Drumming, Chakra Balancing techniques. Want to know more? Contact me at or email:

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