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Well, How Did I Get Here? (part 2)

Sunday came, and that meant my Healing Touch class would take place in the afternoon. When I arrived at the class I noticed it had a large turnout and surprisingly there wasn’t anyone there that I knew. The facilitator gave an interesting talk on what energy was and what Healing Touch energy therapy was. We did some simple activities to engage with our energy and then we were put into small groups. We were given a formula in which to work with each other and to see what we could “feel” with our hands. Feeling nervous I worked with 2 other people and we scanned each other’s bodies energetically and noted what we could and could not feel. When it came to be my turn to work on my partner, I could feel the energy, but didn’t know what it meant. As I got to her knee I said “is this where she is having pain?” I said it with a question mark. She said “yes!” I have a lot of pain in my knee. I worked on the knee and as I was doing so it all felt very familiar to me. I knew what to do, or I should say that my hands knew what was needed and how to do it. How could I though? I had never done anything like this before in my life.

The class was over quickly and I left there knowing that my life as it was, was going to change in a very big way. I didn’t even know what that meant, but I knew that this was the 3rd experience I was having with Healing Touch and I couldn’t ignore it anymore. For many months I began studying with several different teachers and did several trainings. Each teacher and training taught me different aspects of working with healing energy. By the end of that year I had begun seeing clients and getting to practice my new found skills. The more I learned the more I was enjoying what I was doing, and little by little my life began to change.

During this time period my children were 3, 7, 16 & 20. I was working at a small commercial kitchen, where we also did catering. In addition I had a jewelry making and design business, and I was also doing my own catering and personal chef business. To say that my life was a bit busy at that time would be an understatement. However, it was fun, exciting and very different from my 20 years in the business world.

As much fun as it all was, 3 years went by and I started feeling the strain of doing so much,

and had begun to question why was I doing all that I was doing, especially the energy work. I left the commercial kitchen work, and kept my personal chef business and only catered small gatherings. My jewelry business was going well and I liked doing the energy work but began

to have a lot of questions about “why” was I doing this work. I didn’t choose it, it chose me and felt like until I had an understanding as to “why” I was doing it, I put the work on hold and saw very few and many times no clients.

This is where I was gifted the book The Artist’s Way by my husbands mother who is an artist. She said she found it helpful. At this point in time I slowed down my jewelry business and just read the book and did the work. Through the daily morning pages I began to see and accept that this energy work was a calling. It was who I was, and my purpose. I did not want it to be my purpose, I did not want to say I was a “healer” or an “intuitive.” I did not want to believe that I was called to do this work. It would take many years for me to be in a place of acceptance versus reluctance.

I decided that if I was going to do this work then I wanted training, and training with credentials. Training that wasn’t a bunch of “woo-woo” I wanted the real deal. There are many different forms of healing modalities and different types of trainings so I sought out one that would meet what I was looking for. Sounds easier than it was. I closed up my jewelry business and went to work for a non-profit part time while I was exploring what I was going to do. In 2009 I checked out the Healing Touch Program website and they had exactly what I was looking for and by 2012 I was a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner. I learned so much about energy therapy and worked on hundreds of people by the time I was finished with my training. I also learned a lot about myself and what other abilities I had besides feeling the energy in my hands. In 2010 I opened my first office location and in 2012 I moved to a larger office location with 3 offices that I share with 2 other people.

Where am I today? Having completed my Yoga Teacher Certification in 2014 and my Life Coaching Certification in 2016, my practice feels well balanced and I am able to incorporate all of my training, skills and knowledge for the benefit of my clients. I enjoy my practice and feel privileged to walk the many journeys that my clients have walked and continue to walk. I did not get here alone, and I continue to live in gratitude for this work that I get to do. I am now able to admit to myself that I was called to do this work. Together with my clients, I support them in changing their relationship with themselves allowing them to move forward towards the life they want in all aspects of their being: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

With Joy,


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