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What do I want you to know..

As I sit down to write this first post about my work I ask myself this question: “What do I want you to know?” I’m supposed to be writing about my work, the work that I do that is compassionate, supportive, and effective for those who are ready to help themselves transform their lives by taking the steps and actions that will change who they are.

How do I write about this when I rarely talk about my work? The conversation usually goes like this "So what do you do?" The answer I give is "I do energy work and life coaching that helps people change and transform their lives." At the same time my mind says "I do “energy work or body work (no, I'm not a mechanic, no not a massage therapist either, a healer? your words not mine).”

What I say to people does not convey all of the other aspects of my work. "Interesting" is the response I typically get. Sometimes more questions are asked and I respond "Yes, I also do personal and professional coaching". I may also interject, "I am an intuitive guide" though not likely, depending on who I am speaking to. "Yes, I’ve done lots of work with cancer patients, head injuries, and hospice (privileged work)". If you are unfamiliar with any of this our conversation is likely to be very brief, as my sensing tells me that I have lost you as a listener. I am not trying to sell you on who I am or what I do, but you have asked.

Oh okay, so you want to know who I am? How do I tell you that who I am is the work that I do, and that only until very recently have I stopped trying to think that I am separate from my work, even though day in day out I’m always doing my work either with clients, the general public, my friends, my family, colleagues, people at the grocery store, the mom at target with her child who’s having a tantrum because she can’t have both toys. I ask the child “Which toy do you love and which toy do you like?" This stops the tantrum and both mother and child look at me. I smile and say “choose the one you love” and walk away. My youngest daughter was with me at the time and she just shook her head in that teenage way that says “Mom..”

The saying “We are spiritual beings having a human experience” directly applies to me. When I am not doing work with others, I am doing my own personal and professional work. What I would love to tell you is that it calls to me in soft subtle ways, that I mysteriously go within, meditate and come out on the other side like “wah-la! wow look how I have grown!”

Ah but then I’d be lying because as I have mentioned I am a “spiritual being having you know this human experience and all that and a bag of chips with a mounds bar.” Being human means ego. Ego says “no, not that, I don’t want that, I’m not that, why do I have to” fill in the blank.

This is how each learning course begins for me, maybe you too? Maybe I am alone on this one? No idea.. Sometimes the learning is little things, like learning to be more comfortable in your skin on a daily basis, accepting who and what you are. Other times its life altering events that blindside you and tell you to "wake the hell up" and get ready for the ride of your life because the next step of your growth is gonna be a doozey!

And so it is.. I fight with it, cry about it, meditate on it, chant about it, pray about it, journal about it and process it like a box of fortified cereal complete with food color and additives (expletives actually). When all of that is done, I give in to whatever it is that lays before me that I am meant to learn or experience. Ultimately at the end of each growth journey I will always say “I’ve learned so much!” My learning, my path, my challenges, and my growth all prepare me for you my client.

Ever since I began this journey 15 years ago, this path of the “Healer/Energy Worker, Body Worker” choose whatever title seems fitting, my life has been altered in so many ways. Wonderful, beautiful, and painful ways. The gifts of my work with clients is that I have the privilege to witness you walk on your journey and in some cases, begin your next journey or sit with the question of what is my journey now?

This is a lot for me to share on a first post, but the voice within me says “it’s time.” So I did it, I’ve written my first post and I’ve committed to weekly posts.

What is it that you would like to know about me and my work? I am happy to answer any questions that you may have on this page or private message.

Thank you for reading, and Namaste'


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