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Why Every Day, Thankful?

This year on the day of “Giving Thanks” my family and their loved ones were all gathered at the dining room table, and as is our tradition, we all took turns saying what we are thankful for this year. This tradition began in 2013 from the difficult challenges each person in the family faced during the year of 2012. As we gathered at the table in 2013, I realized we all survived 2012 and that we had so much to be thankful for.

Fast forward to this year, and everyone is 6 years older, wiser, and most of them are full-on “adulting” now.

This year in particular we had lots of celebrations, changes, and challenges just like every family has. What was markedly different this year was the depth to which each person went in sharing what they were thankful for. There seemed to be a common theme, which was basic and profound all at the same time.

They were thankful for their family, their loving and supporting mates, friends, jobs, education, good food, homes and the opportunities in their lives. And while these are all wonderful, they are the basics, which tells me that these most basic things in our lives are the most profound and precious, because each one of these things for which they are thankful is significantly more complex at its core.

Part of my personal daily practice is stating what I am thankful for, and getting to bear witness to each person at the table sharing was such a gift for me. As I reflected on the evening I declared to my husband that this was the best holiday together, ever! To be honest though, I believe I say this every year.

Everyday, there is something to be thankful for. Sometimes we are so caught up in the everyday of our lives that we forget, or overlook the simple beauty of the everyday, that we take it for granted. Life is short, and we only get to know about and experience this one lifetime.

So take a moment and ask yourself: What are you thankful for today?

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