Working With Deana Has Helped Me..

"As a psychologist, self care was not near the top on my list of priorities. Working with Deana has helped me realize a greater level of self care which allows me to work in my business at a higher level and be more present to myself and my family outside of work life." -B.T.

I Highly Recommend Her..

"Deana has been a lifesaver for me. I've struggled with anxiety all of my life and was dealing with panic attacks during both of my pregnancies. I was unable to sleep and very worried about the health of my babies. A friend recommended Deana and I noticed an immediate calm after meeting with her.


She's intuitive, she's patient and was able to hone into what was bothering me. She helped me through energy therapy, but gave me other tools (meditations, breathing exercises, etc.) to help. Deana genuinely cares about her clients and follows up as needed. I highly recommend her." -B.S.

Deana Is Always Warm And Welcoming..

"I have been doing energy work with Deana for 8+ years. She is always warm and welcoming. Her techniques change with each session and are always focused on a personalized goal. No matter how I feel going into a session, I always experience a rejuvenation and peacefulness when I leave." -F.S.

Deana Has Helped Me Stay Focused On My Healing..

"I started seeing Deana after I was diagnosed with cancer. She has helped me take one day at a time, keeping me focused on my healing. I see her the day after my treatments and it has proven to be very helpful in minimizing side effects." -N.W.

My Life Has Transformed So Much In The Past Year..

"My life has transformed so much in the past year. I knew I wanted to accomplish some things, and I knew I wanted to change, but I didn't exactly know how it would all happen. I drew my visions, I talked about them, I asked for help discerning. And I met this amazing life coach, Deana.


It's hard to know how it all happens--at times it feels like magic--but having Deana to coach me through it really helped me actualize a lot of my dreams. I am grateful beyond words to her and so many other angels in my life who have listened, helped, shared their gifts and helped me realize how much more life can be." -S.A.

I Leave Her Office Feeling Calm and Centered..

"Deana has been particularly helpful in assisting me in managing my anxiety. She helps me understand my triggers and has techniques that I find helpful. I always leave her office feeling more calm and centered." -B.E.

I Have Been Able To Dive Deeper Into My Life's Purpose..

I started working with Deana when I was struggling with severe anxiety and found that I felt physically better after each session - even more so than from a massage. Beyond the energy work, her multi-faceted approach to self care has helped me better manage my anxiety between sessions, and during times of balance I have been able to dive deeper into my life's purpose.


A big part of this has to do with creating focused intentions and providing useful practices I can work with at home. I especially appreciate her ability to balance careful listening, non-judgment, and empathy with a strong sense of energetic boundaries and professionalism. Deana has been both a healer and a spiritual compass to me. I am sincerely grateful for the work she does." -W.A.

The Sessions Were The Best Part Of My Week..

"After a second diagnosis with breast cancer, I knew that I needed to do everything available to me to beat this disease. I have no doubt that my weekly sessions with Deana impacted my overall treatment plan and subsequent recovery. Those sessions were the best part of my week! The strength I drew from them - the focused energy - it was a beautiful, powerful experience. I credit healing touch with being a significant reason why I am cancer-free today, why I recovered so easily from my double mastectomy, and why I had such a strong sense of peacefulness throughout that difficult period in my life." -A.J.

Deana Met Me Where I Was Emotionally. I Felt Honored..

"Gentle, and understanding are the first words that come to mind when I think of my sessions with Deana and how she was able to meet me in the beginning in a way that honored where I was. I used to think of energy work as being abstract, but with Deana it has become concrete, very real, and positively life-changing. Her breadth of knowledge seems to be boundless and she uses it in a wonderful way with her skills and gifts.


I also think of her as being straight-forward, poised, and having the ability to be direct without being judgmental, harsh or critical, just very matter-of-fact. This last quality especially lends itself to the sense of safety and security she creates in both the time and place she shares in a session." -S.W.

In Deana's Presence I Am Heard And Affirmed..

"It has been my privilege and blessing to work with Deana for the last several years as I have traversed the gifts and challenges of both career and personal life. In her presence I am heard, I am affirmed, and I come to know more clearly and more deeply what my next true steps are to be. it is truly an experience of integrating the body, mind and spirit." -J.S.

I Always Come Away From My Sessions Centered, Restored, and Focused..

"Deana is a tremendous resource for peace and connectedness. In the past five years she has helped me gracefully navigate life's challenges with her thoughtful insights. I always come away from our sessions centered, restored and focused." -KK

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