"Personal & Spiritual Growth Leads the Transformation of our lives."


Why do this work?

I've learned that the benefits of doing our personal and spiritual work is effective in helping you get to "the core" of what holds us back, so that we can move towards the life we want to experience. Learning to work with "Your thoughts" as the "Observer" of yourself will impact your life.


You feel:

  •  You feel stuck and keep repeating the same patterns and relationships that don't support you. 

  • You feel unbalanced, scattered, un-grounded and powerless

  • You feel that you are navigating the challenges and changes in your life in ways that are not healthy and do not make you feel good.

  • You feel that you take on the emotions and energy of others and it is draining you, making you feel ill and not want to be out in the world.


You have:

  • You have a very powerful mind and if the truth were to be known, your mind has you in the grip of fear that keeps you from changing and moving forward in your life. 

  • You have limiting beliefs about yourself that hold you hostage from taking one step further towards your goals and dreams. 

  • You have intuitive/psychic gifts and abilities and do not know how to manage them. 

  • You have done training in the healing arts and do not have a self care practice or plan


You want:

  • You want to feel more balanced and connected to yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

  • You want to experience the benefits of having personal practices and tools that are supportive. 

  • You want to be in alignment with your spiritual self so that you can move in a forward direction to change and transform your life.

  •  You want to get to "the core" of you because you are ready to make changes in your life.

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