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Between the mind and the senses lies the challenge of being human.

"I started working with Deana when I was struggling with severe anxiety and found I felt physically better after each session - more so than from a massage. Beyond the energy work, her multi-faceted approach to self care has helped me manage my anxiety between sessions, and during times of balance I have been able to dive deeper into my life's purpose. 
A big part of this has to do with creating focused intentions and providing useful practices I can work with at home. I especially appreciate her ability to balance careful listening, non-judgment, and empathy with a strong sense of energetic boundaries and professionalism. Deana has been both a healer and a spiritual compass to me. I am sincerely grateful for the work she does."

Creativity has long been a part of my journey, and is currently culminating most strongly in photography. While out in nature, I'm often awestruck by the awareness of being connected to something that is so much larger than me. I enjoy sharing those moments, and find the photographs help to support healing work.

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