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A Multi-faceted Approach that is Intuitive, Supportive, and Healing

I feel that healing arts chose me...through a slow that I would not run away from something so new and big. If you would have told me (at that time a professional in the business world) that this was something I was going to pursue, I would have laughed and shook my head no.


Some of my first expansive endeavors were in creativity— which at the time was designing and creating jewelry, and working as a personal chef and caterer. These were both very fulfilling side-gigs, as I spent many years ignoring my creative side. I am currently happily expressing my creativity through photography. You can visit my photography website:


In 2004, this new thinking took a leap forward when I attended a “healing touch” offering through church. After that experience, something within me felt changed...the whole world seemed sunnier and I felt lighter in my being. For weeks I saw the word “healing” show up everywhere I went. I even saw a large billboard in Chicago off the freeway that said “Healing.” At church one Sunday they offered a workshop on how to practice “Healing Touch”. My husband nudged me and said “are you getting this?” I smiled and signed up for the afternoon workshop. It was interesting to me how I felt like I knew what to do, and while I was learning, I began receiving intuitive “hits”. These intuitive “hits” had been with me most of my life, but now my sensing was giving me information on how to work with them. 


I felt I had to learn more. I shared my experience with a dear friend who invited me to her home to witness healing in action. She was receiving treatment for breast cancer and had healers come to her home weekly. Not only did I get to witness what was happening, I was invited to participate. During this participation, my hands began to feel hot, and this was what I took as the activation of my energy for using on other people. All of the women in the room that day were witness to this experience, it changed me, and began to change my life. 

18 years later I am still passionate about working with clients to help them learn and practice ways to heal their energetic relationship with themselves and others. I have worked with thousands of people over these many years, and I consider it a privilege to witness the journey of my clients. 



My journey includes many years of learning a variety of healing arts practices, techniques, and philosophies.

Received training and certification from the Healing Touch Program, where I also completed Advanced Training 1 & 2. Trained as a Yoga teacher, and completed 2 year Psychic Training locally, with Patrice Connelly. Trained coaching through IPEC and received certification as a Professional Coach. Over the last three years, I have completed two separate Shamanic study programs locally, with Jaime Meyer and Coleen Elwood. 
All of my training has helped me create unique and individualized sessions based on meeting all of my clients where they are, by using a multifaceted and integrated approach that is unique to them.

Take time to nourish your mind, nurture your body, and feed your soul.

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