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I use tools and practices of energy work to aid the observance and healing of self on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. In connecting to yourself, you are able to better move forward– creating and living the life you want.


Typical Sessions

Sessions are often a combination of practices and tools, available in-person or remote, including:


  • ​A "Wellness and Lifestyle" intake

  • Determining the focus of your session and goals

  • Creating an intention to support your focus and goals

  • Energy work (done fully clothed, using hands-on or hands-off the body)

  • Intuitive and spiritual guidance

  • Coaching, as needed or requested

  • Discussion and suggestions for practices and tools that may be supportive

  • Follow-up notes including intention, practices and suggested tools


What are my clients looking for?

I work with a wide variety of clients looking to experience a deeper connection and relationship with themselves. Below are some of the many reasons people seek out a Healing Arts Practitioner:


  • Life coaching- To support the changes you want to make in your life through practices and actions

  • Anxiety management techniques - Tools that help move one's self to a place of being grounded and centered

  • Communications and relationship coaching - Crafting/revisiting relationship agreements and how to more effectively communicate

  • Energy therapy - To help you feel connected, open, and balanced on all aspects of your being  

  • Intuitive and spiritual guidance

  • Supportive tools for mentoring healers 

  • Tools for managing empathy and energy

  • Navigation of intuitive gifts and abilities

  • Guidance with chronic illness and the end of life

"Deana has been a lifesaver for me. I've struggled with anxiety all of my life and was dealing with panic attacks during both of my pregnancies. I was unable to sleep and very worried about the health of my babies. A friend recommended Deana and I noticed an immediate calm after meeting with her. 
She's intuitive, she's patient and was able to hone into what was bothering me. She helped me through energy therapy, but gave me other tools (meditations, breathing exercises, etc.) to help. Deana genuinely cares about her clients and follows up as needed. I highly recommend her."
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