Welcome! I'm glad you're here. Deana Downs Healing Arts, is a personal journey providing you a doorway to explore and transform your life on all aspects of your being. Our work together will support and encourage you through self discovery, to get at the core of what you want in your life and how to get there. When you experience a deeper connection to yourself, you are able to move forward, creating and living the life you want.

Deana Downs - HTCP, CPC

Deana specializes in using a multi-faceted approach that allows her to work with each individual in a way that is supportive, healing and intuitive. The type of work you will do together depends on what is right for you. Options that are available to you are Energy Work, Intuitive and Spiritual Guidance, Coaching, as well as the tools and practices of Yoga. Many times sessions are a combination of practices all of which can be done in person or remotely.

People work with Deana for a wide variety of reasons:

 Anxiety Management

●  Energy Therapy

●  Personal & Professional Coaching

●  Intuitive and Spiritual Guidance

● Support and Mentoring for the Healer 

●  How to manage your Empathy and your energy

●  Navigating your intuitive gifts and abilities

●  Cancer or other disease process

●  Relationship challenges and changes

●  Head Trauma / Injuries


When you are ready to connect with yourself on a deeper level by making changes and taking action in the relationship you have with yourself and your life, contact Deana. Working together will begin the journey of moving forward and creating the life you want.

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